Saturday, March 8, 2008


Yupi, Yupi, Yupi, Yupi....... With hugs, handshakes and applauses between the presidents of Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela put an end to a week-long political and diplomatic crisis that threatened to escalate into a regional conflict.

Maybe someday that these presidents stop the insults and assaults for work together as a single force to build a better Latin America, and give to know to around the world what good things that we have, how to the human quality, natural resources, the happiness of our peoples and our music.

Maybe someday Latin America gets better status and be seen in the world with other way.

Viva The Latin Power, Viva La Salsa, Viva el Merengue, Viva el Reggaeton.....and Viva My Slovak girlfriend :)

"Lubim ta Vafka"

Thursday, March 6, 2008


The raid by Colombian forces into Ecuador, which claimed the lives of Raul Reyes - second-in-command of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) - and 23 other rebels, has provoked great tension between Colombia and its neighbours.

Ecuador, Nicaragua and Venezuela broken diplomatic relations with Colombia over the raid and sent extra troops to their borders with that country to protest the action. Venezuela also closed its Colombian border to trade.

We are living in a tension atmosphere because at any time political differences between governments Bolivarianos also called Socialists (Ecuador, Nicaragua, Venezuela) and a fully Democratic government (Colombia) with a capitalist model helped for US, could produce a war between countries brothers. In other words any stupid act would lead to war, or any armed intervention by one of those involved.

Of course that is Colombia violates the Ecuadorian nation, which detonated the crisis that sooner or later can destabilise to Latin America.

In Colombia , we are tired of promises false, we do not want more: Lies, FARC, Paramilitaries, CHAVEZ, War in the World ..................We want Peace and Love.

"I Love Colombia. I love Vafka too"