Wednesday, April 30, 2008


In Colombia now there are 161 in the Blood Bank, blood donations have reached a total of 400,000 thousand units per year which is equivalent to 1% of the population in a country of over 40 million inhabitants, according to the statistics very far of international standards. The ideal in a country like Colombia is to have per year a total of one million two hundred thousand units of blood to have a minimum level of coverage of 3% of the population.

Medellín needs a lot of Blood. The Medellín's Ministry of Health noted that every year in Medellín is needed around 80 thousand units to meet the demands of citizenship.

Knowing a little the problems blood donation in Colombian and in my city Medellín every year "Rotary International" does a blood donation campaign throughout Colombia.

Here in Medellín was on April 19, 2008. This event was very important for me and for My Rotary Club to which I belong "Rotaract Medellín Retorno". The event was in the Mall "Los Molinos". The slogan of the campaign was "Donate blood donates life". Every day the hospitals spends many liters of blood to : 1) patients with hematological problems (treatments of leukemia, hemophilia, cancer), 2) accidents and some kind of violence 3) care for children and mothers.

I was the organizer and responsible for all the logistics of the event. The "Americas Hospital" was working with my Club. And here I want to say with great satisfaction and happiness thanks to everyone who participated in the event for the effort, commitment, dedication and time so that everything was success. We have helped to reduce the blood shortage that exists in Medellín, also we contributed to educated people to donate blood.

The statistics of the campaign were as follows:
Total People who wanted to donate 133
Not passed the previous test 38
Donors effects 95

I am very proud of my Rotary Club "Rotaract Medellín Retorno" for their work in the event and also very proud and impressed by the support we receive from Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, represented by my slovak girlfriend Eva Vollmannova. She helped me a lot.

" ♥ LUBIM TA EVA :) "

Saturday, April 12, 2008


In Holy week, I went to travel with my beautiful girlfriend (VAFKA) to a small village called "La Dorada" about five hours of Medellín. We were very happy for this trip. When we arrived at La Dorada we visited my family to which I haven't seen for more than 15 years. My family told me you look different and changed, you were thinner than before, In the past I only played soccer, but now I am swimming and jogging every day. Also introduce my girlfriend the whole family. beautiful days among the warmth of the weather and the warmth of my family spent the super well.

The night before our return to Medellín I had fallen from a old train, but I was fine. On the day of return was something strange because the weather was hot and the environment was very dry. Close to Medellin climate was different, It was raining and the ground was dangerous for travellers. To less than 10 km to Medellin our bus collided against a pole. A big scare for my girlfriend and Me because the impact was very strong. The only persons wounds were VAFKA and Me. We spent an hour in an ambulance, but fortunately we were alive and well.

Now my Girlfriend and Me remember that time and celebrate being together and alive. That accident made us think and appreciate life more, plus I think the Christian spirit of the Easter consolidated our relationship, in other words we are really together than ever in love…………………………Thanks God.

"Milujem ta Vafka"