Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dancing Out

Aguapanelas is an experience to be had. It a great mix of sexy music, with a tropical atmosphere literally painted on the walls.

I have been to many places across Medellín. Aguapanelas rated at the very top of my experiences. The service was great, We danced a lot . I will be back with Eva and my friends......


Friday, August 15, 2008

Living in Spain

My older brother "Bernardo" lives already 4 months in Spain and he is very happy because he had find new opportunities in his live, he is working in a software company located in Madrid.

Now he is living together with my cousin, her husband and their daughter. They have been living there since 2002. They studied Computer Science in Colombia.

They have found many good job opportunities in Madrid because at this moment in Europe there is a lack of software engineers for : JAVA, .NET, ORACLE, SAP, PHP, AJAX, GWT, FLEX, etc.

They bought a big and beautiful house , near Madrid in Toledo.

Maybe next year, I will be there with my love of my life "Eva Vollmannova" :)